How to Hook Legal Clients Before They Need You

How to Hook Legal Clients Who Rarely Need You

I just came across a post about how real estate agents can hook a home buyer who will only need their services once or twice, and was struck by how much it applied to the legal profession and potential clients. The post is by Nir Eyal (@nireyal) who authored the excellent, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

An agent in the audience where he was giving a talk on the subject saw it as an opportunity:

“I know home buying and selling can’t be a habit. That’s fine. But what if I make a habit of doing something else related to home buying and selling?”

Lawyers can say the same since no potential client wants to make the need for legal services a habit. But when they do need a lawyer, you want to be the one they call. You need to hook them before they need you.

Mr Eyal suggested there are at least two ways to build a habit around an infrequently used product [or service]: content and community. It’s what we’ve been preaching here on the Legal Productivity blog along with longtime blogging evangelizers like Kevin O’Keefe (@KevinOkeefe)


Another real estate agent shared her plan to create a site and app of articles, videos, and financial calculators so that every time someone in her neighborhood has personal financial questions, they would check out her site.

For insight on how lawyers can do this, see: Law Firm Marketing: Build Your Brand With Content, Social Media and SEO and O’Keefe’s A blog is where a lawyer’s personal brand begins.

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Another agent shared his idea for using community to build a habit for his business:

“What if I start an email list or website for people who live in my neighborhood? Every couple days I’ll let people know what’s going on in their area — local happenings, high school sports, things like that. Then, if they want to go to games together, they’ll coordinate through the online group.”

He wanted to become the hub that connected his community.

Yes, get social and gain trust. Check out Social Media Lessons for Law Firms From Law Firms where firms share how they use social media and content marketing to highlight expertise, build new business and expand relationships with existing clients.


In another article I read recently, Companies that publish are growing at “breakneck speed” John Grimley (@JohnGrimley) quotes Neil Patel and shared his perspective:

Content marketing is a modern marketing must-have, but for companies to do it right they must create value (in content form) for the right people to see. As [customers and potential clients] engage with this content, it brings them closer to a conversion. And these conversations lead to more client engagements.

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