[Free Webinar] Your Mobile Practice Management Toolbox: Tips and Tricks for Lawyers

mobile practice management

Lawyers no longer practice exclusively within the four walls of an office. We know that whether you are working from home, traveling, visiting the courthouse, or merely away from your desk, you rely on mobile devices and applications as a normal part of your everyday practice. But how do you know which apps to choose? And how do you keep your firm’s data secure?

In this free webinar, we will address how lawyers can leverage mobile devices to meet their firms’ needs while enhancing their productivity.

We’ll discuss the most useful apps on the market, highlight ways that mobile devices can make attorneys work more efficiently, address security concerns, and detail certain pitfalls. In other words, we’ll provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to take your mobile practice to the next level.

Join us February 09, 2017 from 12:00-12:40PM ET

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Terry Jarrell is a Rocket Matter Certified Expert, and teaches technology-centric CLE classes approved by the Florida Bar. He has served on the Apple Consultants Network Advisory Council for 3 terms, and is an Apple Product Professional. Terry is also a published writer and the current Product Review Specialist for iBusiness Magazine.

Nefra MacDonald is the Strategic Marketing Manager at Rocket Matter. After working in various capacities at law firms, corporations, and non-profit organizations, she decided to use her experience to help address the pain points that practicing lawyers feel every day. She currently co-chairs Rocket Matter’s Product Advisory Committee, which serves as a source of targeted feedback for the company’s product improvement strategy.

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