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Here’s Exactly How to Wear Crimped Hair in 2018

There are certain trends we’re a tad hesitant about. The return of scrunchies (thanks Mansur Gavriel), fashion(?) Crocs, squiggle brows and blurred lips. But perhaps the most divisive of all is the 80s staple that is crimped hair.

Yup, it’s back in full force on the runways and on celebs. The leader of the pro-crimp movement? None other than Beyoncé. She recently posted pics on Instagram swinging her fully crimped ponytail. But it wasn’t a one-off. She’s since posted more crimp-tastic images on her Insta, making the wavy hairstyle seem not only glam but also very 2018.

And she’s not alone. Dating back to 2016, other stars favored crimping on the red carpet. From Gabrielle Union to Anna Kendrick, the hair trend is becoming pretty pervasive.

Of course, designers have been brazenly experimenting with crimped hair for a few years now — it even appeared on a haute couture runway. While they tend to adhere to the go big or go home mantra, there are some looks that can translate to real life, like crimped tails on ponies or layered crimps under straighter strands.

Ready to try? Here are 22 examples of how to crimp in 2018, without a hint of 80s irony.

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13 Shoulder Duster Earrings That Take Any Look to the Next Level

shoulder duster earrings, Alberta Ferretti Fall 2017

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2017; Image Imaxtree

Dangling earrings have been the statement bauble of choice for a while now. Blame it on the advent of off-the-shoulder mania. Along with those skin-baring tops and dresses came the need to fill the space between — and what better way than with a pair of swingy jewels? From tassels to ball drops, the statement earring was the sleeper hit of Spring/Summer 2017 and with the holiday season here, the ultra long shoulder duster is here to party.

shoulder duster earrings Isabel Marant Fall 2017

Isabel Marant Fall 2017; Image: Imaxtree

The fall runways were full of ornate, lengthy earrings that were glam and shoulder-grazing at the same time. At Isabel Marant, crystal fringe options and sculptural styles upped the ante on 80s redux. Miu Miu served up sparkly teardrop-shaped hoops that literally met their matches in the form of diamanté collar necklaces. Naturally, houses like Maison Margiela and Balenciaga went the edgier mismatched route, while Alberta Ferretti’s offerings were mystical and opulent, punctuated by pearls. It was a feast for the eyes — and ears, of course.

Miu Miu Fall 2017 shoulder duster earrings

Miu Miu Fall 2017; Image: Imaxtree

Sure, statement-making earrings are hardly new, but for the holidays, brands are going to great lengths, literally, to get your attention. Everyone from Mango to Anthropologie has shoulder duster offerings that fill the void between your ears and your clavicle — or just about. The best part is, they work just as well with a sleek turtleneck as they do with more revealing ready-to-wear, so you need only slip on a pair for an instant outfit-making effect. Yes, please.

If you’re up for taking your jewelry game to the next level, click through the slideshow below. With everything from mixed metals to 3-D florals on tap this season, you’re sure to find your perfect pair of shoulder duster earrings.

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Banish the Cold-Weather Blues With Winter Florals

There are many things we’re forced to abandon once the snow falls. Think skin-baring crop tops, miniskirts and tank tops (unless you’re willing to layer all of these into oblivion). But floral patterned pieces aren’t on the list. While florals are usually reserved for spring, what better way to brighten up dreary winter days (and nights) than with some flower power?

There are some conditions, though. Spring florals are always vivid and sunny, but winter florals are typically more moody and alluring. You can rock bright shades, but they should be tempered with darker floral patterns or the reverse, vibrant flowers backed by a black or navy background.

The Fall 2017 runways were blooming with winter florals.

Erdem Fall 2017, Prabal Gurung Fall 2017, Simone Rocha Fall 2017; Images: Imaxtree

The Fall 2017 runways showcased winter florals in new arrangements. Erdem brought out its bouquet printed on silk velvet silhouettes, favoring richer shades like forest green, gold and charcoal gray. Prabal Gurung hit replay on one floral pattern used on a hip-baring dress, a wrap skirt and an edgy pantsuit layered over a complementary turtleneck. Simone Rocha was all about red daisies with the distinctive pattern decorating everything from sheer overlays on dresses to skirt suits to jackets.

Fresh florals spotted outside the Spring 2018 shows.

Winter florals done the street style way; Images: Imaxtree

It was only a matter of time before florals found their way to the streets. The Spring 2018 showgoers showed off a variety of flower-patterned creations. A street stylist sees no conflict in capping off a floral patterned coat dress with Balenciaga’s now infamous floral sock boots (plus working in a flower bag to boot). Florals and stripes are a natural combo, as long as the colors coordinate. And a plum dress stays in a winter state of mind teamed with black accessories.

Street style takes of winter florals.

Flower power hits the streets; Images: Imaxtree

They also were spotted in floral suits that weren’t exactly office-appropriate, blooming co-ords just waiting to be winterized and flowering kimono-style jackets.

Now’s the time to take a look through your closet to see if any of your florals fit the season. If your wardrobe is lacking, here are 15 winter floral pieces that will freshen things up.

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Kiss Dry, Flaky Lips Goodbye With These Top-Rated Lip Scrubs

True or false: Lip scrubs are a necessary step in your skin care routine. If you answered true, you’d be correct. After all, you exfoliate your face for softer, smoother skin — why leave your lips out of the equation? A great lip scrub can help prevent chapped lips and help prep your lips for a better, longer-lasting lipstick application. And if you want a super soft pout, use a soft baby toothbrush to apply the scrub (Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver swears the brush will also plump up your pucker). Here, the best lip scrubs and exfoliants for your smoothest lips ever.

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18 High-Impact Holiday Makeup Looks You Can Totally Pull Off

We’re in the thick of holiday party season. Shining bright like a diamond is no longer reserved for Rihanna. Now’s the time to cover your eyelids in glitter. Rock deep blue-blue-blue-red lipstick and cover that sh*t with lip glass. Debut a multicolored smoky eye the likes of which your family, friends and colleagues have never seen (on you, IRL).

In order to come off classy-glam and not David Bowie-glam, we highly suggest you pick just one feature to highlight, keeping the rest of your makeup fairly minimal. Not only will this keep you looking chic, it’ll also minimize the amount of time you spend prepping for the evening’s festivities. Win-win.

Click through the slideshow above for 18 such high-impact, low-effort holiday makeup ideas. Keep ’em on file for the party-filled weeks ahead.

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Here’s How This 23-Year-Old Model Used a Uni Degree to Style a Self-Employed Career in Fashion

Aussie model Danielle Collis is living proof that there’s no ‘right path’ to landing your dream career in the fashion industry.

At just 23-years-old, she’s modelled for some of the country’s biggest brands, interviewed celebrities like Timomatic, Alli Simpson and Reigan Derry for the ARIA Awards and clocked up 13K followers on Insta. Now, to cap it off (much like this year’s baker boy hat trend), she’s gone and earned herself a business degree from Swinburne University of Technology to help her style her many talents into a self-sustained career. In fact, you could say she’s building a bloody pop culture empire!

But like many of us, Danielle didn’t graduate high school with any solid clue about what she wanted to do with her life. In fact, homegirl started out over in WA with her career headed in a very different direction — animal science. But, after much umming and ahhing, she decided she wanted to steer her life in a different direction, towards her PASHUN 4 FASHUN. So she switched up unis and degrees, but something still wasn’t right…

See, much like a pair of denim skinnies, a uni degree needs to be ~just the right fit~ if you want to be able to walk out the door with the confidence to kick life goals.

(or.. you know.. at all)

But, as Danielle’s story proves, it’s totally OK to try a few on before you settle on the choice that’s right for you.

For Danielle, that was a business degree with a PR major from Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology, which allowed her to keep studying online despite being abroad for a year on a presenting contract in Budapest. And it’s now helping her turn her beauty, talent and passion into a bonafide business that she runs herself.

As of RN, she’s taking her modelling and presenting work to new heights, but she’s also using her tertiary business savvy to branch out and tackle everything from fashion collabs to social media blogging to influencer work all while attends big, swanky events every week and making bank doing it.

So we thought we’d hit her up to share some work #inspo with all of you budding young fashionistas, who might be feeling a bit stuck on how to turn your passion into a bonafide career (also for added reassurance that it’s totally OK to change your mind about what you want to do with your life — sometimes more than once!)

There’s rarely a solid roadmap to forging a career in fashion, especially in the brave new social media-soaked world of 2017, but as Danielle’s story shows, you can get yourself there by following your stylish yet affordably booted feet (and having the right uni degree definitely doesn’t hurt, either).

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Signet Rings Get the Official Street Style Stamp of Approval

Signet rings ruled street style in 2017.

Signet rings ruled street style in 2017; Image: Imaxtree

While we’re not ashamed to admit that we scrutinize every street style outfit from New York to Paris to see what tricks we can pick up, there’s often one aspect we overlook: rings. We always notice those eye-catching, shoulder-grazing tassel earrings and are immediately drawn to flashy necklaces, but a stack of rings usually flies under the radar. So you may not have realized that signet rings have become as popular as statement sleeves and socks with sandals.

Signet Ring Set, $22 at Urban Outfitters

Signet Ring Set, $22 at Urban Outfitters

A signet ring has a flat surface, usually engraved with a signet, seal or monogram. They used to be used as a signature with the wearer pressing the symbol into wax or clay to leave their mark. Nowadays, the rings are less personalized and frequently feature stones, pretty designs or even a designer’s initials.

And it’s not just the street style set signing off on the trend. Fashion’s go-to shopping resource Lyst reports that searches for signet rings increased 38 percent this year. We went ahead and rounded up 17 of our favorite signet rings to make it easier for you to find your signature piece.

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Kim Kardashian’s New Fragrance Has Been Banned in Australia

Well this stinks.

Aussies’ attempts to ~Keep Up With The Kardashians~ have been foiled by Customs officials, who’ve reportedly banned Kim’s lush new fragrance from being shipped to Australia.

Kim Kardashian West’s new Crystal Gardenia scent has been a hit since it went on sale last month, but Aussie fans who ordered it online have been left with a foul smell in their nostrils, after it was reportedly blacklisted for containing “flammable/hazardous material”.

According to TMZ, the perfume’s alcohol content has been ruled too damn high, with members of Kim’s team telling the publication that she had no idea it might present a problem when the product went on sale.

The Sun reports that Kim is now offering full refunds to Aussie and NZ customers who’ve missed out on smelling like the enchanting combination of gardenia, pink jasmine, orange oil, purple passionfruit, rose and — apparently — a tray full of long island ice teas.

The reality star previously revealed that her new fragrance was inspired by her dramatic robbery in Paris, which saw her held at gunpoint, telling Entertainment Tonight: “After my whole Paris situation over a year ago, all my friends would come over and bring me healing crystals.

“I wasn’t really into them. I didn’t know much about them. Enough people brought them over that I love the shape, I loved holding it, and I felt like, ‘OK, this is it. I want something that I feel like calms me, is healing…’

“And I wanted the bottle, especially the smaller one.”

Kim’s Crystal Gardenia scent range — which is available in OG, citrus and OUD — is retailing for around AUD$80 per 60mL bottle.

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Natalia Vodianova, Irina Shayk and Others Get in the Party Spirit on Vogue Italia’s December Covers

Vogue Italia delivers yet another themed issue for December, dubbed ‘The Celebration Issue.’ Photographic duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott captured a festive crew having fun at a Parisian eatery for the occasion. Cover one (below) features Natalia Vodianova tucking into a burger and fries, cover two (after the jump) catches Joan Smalls, Anja Rubik, Catherine McNeil and Jamie Bochert in their swimsuits taking a quick break in the kitchen, and cover three gives us a smiling Irina Shayk as she crawls across the dining table.

Vogue Italia December 2017 : The Celebration Issue by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Was the Italian Vogue themed issue a success with our forum members? “YEAH, THIS is Vogue Italia cover worthy!” rejoiced Bertrando3. “It’s glamorous, sensual, fashionable and a real supermodel is on the cover where she belongs.”

“Yeah, this is the VI that’s been missing the last few years. Love all the covers,” declared MyNameIs.

“Love all three covers. The Vogue Italia vibes are back!” applauded StockholmFW.

Sharing the same positive attitude was forum member Sensation: “All three covers are great with perfect model choices!”

Vogue Italia December 2017 : The Celebration Issue by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Not everyone was a fan, however. “I desperately want to like this, but I cannot. It’s the silly layout and the way they’re posing with food as if it’s props, LOL. The one with Irina is executed the worst. One would think she’s got a stole over her shoulder instead,” ranted Benn98.

Cottonmouth13 wasn’t pleased either. “These covers are so desperate. Even if you have these well-established models, the theme that you are going for is tedious, you will end up producing a more tedious result! But what I do not get is the fact that it has been themed issues since the new EIC took over. What’s the point?” he asked.

Conbothsides agreed, writing, “This is depressing. Mert & Marcus have been copying other photographers’ work to much lately but they never get it right. They lost it. Should get Testino or Meisel for this instead.”

“Haven’t we seen all this crap before in W Magazine?” slammed mikel. “Where are the days that M&M transported us to another world with their work?”

Vogue Italia December 2017 : The Celebration Issue by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Oh well, you can’t win them all. Check out Mert & Marcus’ huge cover story and let us know your thoughts here.

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Carey Mulligan and British Harper’s Bazaar Give Us the Festive Cover We’ve Been Waiting For

If there’s one thing about our forums this time of year, they absolutely crave festive magazine covers. The British edition of Harper’s Bazaar gives us exactly what we want with its beautiful January 2018 edition. Actress Carey Mulligan makes a stunning return to the cover as the title rings in 2018 on a high. Photographed by Richard Phibbs, Carey wears a white ostrich feather Saint Laurent dress in the dreamy newsstand cover (below) and looks ethereal and demure throughout the entire cover shoot.

UK Harper's Bazaar January 2018 : Carey Mulligan by Richard Phibbs


Members of our forums were in awe. “I absolutely love this – finally a festive winter cover!” rejoiced SallyAlbright.

“Beautiful cover and she’s such a great actress,” cheered mepps.

“A joyous cover, and Carey somehow seems just right for it,” echoed a delighted tigerrouge.

Also quick to show the cover some love was HeatherAnne, commenting, “Festive, cheery, not overly airbrushed — love everything about it.”

Honeycombchild shared the same enthusiasm. “This is lovely, very festive without being over the top. She looks beautiful too. Alexandra [Shulman] (formerly of British Vogue) was always so narrow-minded about her covers, they always must be looking directly at the camera etc etc, but I genuinely think the most effective cover images don’t play by the rules in that way at all,” he pointed out.

“I love it! So pretty,” voiced RuthEB.

“I think it’s a cute cover and will look perfect on December newsstands even though it’s a January issue. Would’ve been even better if she faced us. Love the fact that British glossies are going glamorous this Christmas! ELLE, Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s,” Benn98 appreciated.

UK Harper's Bazaar January 2018 : Carey Mulligan by Richard Phibbs


See what else the issue has to offer and join the celebrations here.

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