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Django Performance Optimization Tips

In this short article, we will try to depict the best methods for Django performance optimization. We will discuss the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them but, before we start, for those who are interested in more articles like this one or related to Django to Heroku migration, we can recommend this Django […]

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Inviting Technology Companies to Build on Rocket Matter’s New API

Build on Rocket Matter's New API


At Rocket Matter, we have completely rebuilt our application programming interface (or API for short). Partner technology companies can interact programmatically with almost every aspect of the Rocket Matter system.

For companies that would like to offer cool tools and services to our clients—including thousands of the most technology-advanced and forward-thinking attorneys in the world—integrating with Rocket Matter is straightforward.

Our integration philosophy is to make our product as simple as possible for our end user, build outgoing integrations with the tools those customers work with, and provide support for inbound integration for the universe of tools that can be built on the Rocket Matter platform.

We are following best practices and provide standard authentication and REST operations. As you can see via our easily navigable documentation, almost every entity and operation in our system is available. For example, you can programmatically:

  • Create a matter
  • Upload a document
  • Add billable time
  • Manipulate calendar entries
  • Send Communicator (internal chat) messages
  • Add a phone message
  • Write custom importers
  • Perform several hundred other operations

The API is used internally by Rocket Matter as well, so it is in constant use and is QA’d constantly.

We also provide great marketing support for our integration partners. When you work with Rocket Matter, you will interface with both the marketing and the engineering teams to ensure a successful project.

To learn more, please take a look at our API documentation.

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Why Archiving Business Emails is a Good Idea

The key to having success as a business owner is staying in constant communication with your workers. If you are like most modern business owners, you have a variety of remote workers to manage. The best way to stay up to speed on what these workers are doing is by utilizing the power of email. Instead of deleting these emails, you need to find a system that allows you to archive them. There are a…


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