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Ending Soon: 98% off the Professional Freelancing Mastery Bundle

Nowadays, more and more people are dipping their feet into the world of freelancing. The estimated number of workers who have switched to freelancing is now up to 57.3 million from 53 million in 2014. This statistic is likely to increase to 60 million by 2020. Millennials account for about one-third of the U.S. workforce. […]

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Luna Bijl Steals the Spotlight on Vogue Japan’s March 2018 Cover

Vogue Japan sure does love a good group shot on the cover, once again turning to its winning formula for March 2018 (just as long as we don’t get a repeat of August 2017‘s crowded shot, we’re good). After a magical Gisele Bündchen cover last month, photographic duo Luigi & Iango are back with a handful of models for Japanese Vogue‘s latest cover shoot. Luna Bijl, Lexi Boling, Kiki Willems and Selena Forrest pose in various pieces from Louis Vuitton, styled by Anna Dello Russo.

Vogue Japan March 2018 : Luna, Lexi, Kiki, & Selena by Luigi & Iango


For the most part, our forum members weren’t here for it. “When will VJ stop with this group cover? Seem like everyone under the sun has a Vogue Japan cover now,” commented djowodjo30.

“VJ has been obsessed with group covers lately,” added Lausanne.

“I’ve gotten used to, and even like these VJ signature class photo covers,” Phuel proclaimed.

Apple wasn’t exactly impressed, writing, “Nope, I don’t like it. Lexi looks so angry, Kiki looks scared and Selena looks bored (as usual). Only Luna looks good, that girl was born to be in front of the camera!”

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It soon became evident that one model, in particular, was working a little harder than the rest. “The most boring and uninspiring models of this generation – except Luna. The girl is such a star. My eyes went straight to her. She’s the only one delivering. Should have been just her,” stated guimon.

“Wow! Luna blew me away. She’s so mesmerizing,” liv4beauty noted.

Valentine27 felt the same way: “Luna is a star and it shows here. Quite impressive.”

“The Luna Eclipse!” declared Breathless.

Check out the accompanying cover story and share your thoughts with us here.

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