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4 Advanced Mistakes (with Examples) You Might Do in Your Social Media Campaign

4 Advanced Mistakes (with Examples) You Might Do in Your Social Media Campaign According to a study by Convince & Convert, 53% of the Americans who follows brands on Twitter are more loyal to them. And Hubspot’s research indicated that 80% of the marketers that invested in social media marketing believed that it boosted traffic […]

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Rocket Matter’s First Client Dishes on Taking a Chance on a Startup Ten Years Ago

Rocket Matter's first client- Peter Sosin


Recently, we kicked off our 10th anniversary celebrating by honoring Rocket Matter’s first client, Peter Sosin. Peter is the founder and managing partner of Sosin Law, PLLC. Here, he explains why he took a chance on a start-up software company that was the first of its kind. He also shares tips on how to run a more successful, profitable firm:

Rocket Matter was the first cloud-based product of its kind. What made you want to use software no one had ever used before?
First, I met the founder, Larry Port, and he was so smart and enthusiastic about the product. I trusted him. Also, I’m a fan of innovation and doing things in a better way, and that was exactly what Rocket Matter (which we called “The Product” back then) seemed to do. When you are running your own business you don’t have a lot of time. So if there was something that could save time and help my firm run more efficiently, I wanted to try it.

Were you nervous about transitioning to the cloud?
No. At first, I always did a paper backup—I’d write out my time on a legal pad. So I knew we were covered. However, once I saw that Rocket Matter was humming along smoothly, I stopped doing such backups. Now my entire practice is in the cloud—including regular backups. I think the cloud is the greatest thing ever.

 You’ve been a successful solo attorney for years. What practices in general help your firm stay productive and thriving?
The most important thing I’ve learned in 19 years of practice is not to hang on to bad clients.  There’s a saying that 90% of your aggravation comes from 10% of your clients. So I got rid of that 10% and my stress levels have plummeted. Bad clients only slow you down and make you unhappy. Of course, that’s tough to do when you’re starting out and you don’t have a lot of work. I used to take such toxic clients, but once I purged my practice of them, I’ve been a lot more successful.

Which of Rocket Matter’s features have been the most helpful for you?
Rocket Matter constantly rolls out new features. They are always innovating and looking for better way to do things, which is why I went with them in first place.

There are tons of features that have helped me, but the mobile app in particular was a life-saver. In past, if I were out of the office, I had to email myself reminders to bill for things. Sometimes I’d be super-busy and I’d forget and lose that time. Now I just add the time on the spot on my phone.

I also capture a lot more time thanks to Rocket Matter’s multiple timers and billing features. And I love the fact that Rocket Matter lets me modify bills before they go out. If you make mistake on a bill, that client will never forget it and will scrutinize everything you do.

So many competitors have come and gone. Why do you think Rocket Matter has stood the test of time?
Leadership. Companies are only good as the people running it, and as CEO, Larry Port is a critical part of Rocket Matter’s success. He is innovative and has great foresight. He’s also constantly trying to improve Rocket Matter. He’s humble enough that he actually listens to and acts on customers’ input and he never stops looking for better ways to do things. That’s why the company has been a leader for ten years.


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Hold Everything: Oversized Bags Are About to Be HUGE (Again)

Susie Bubble carries a trending oversized bag

Gives new meaning to the term “carryall”; Image: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Chiropractors of the world, rejoice. Oversized bags are once again in. Though the micro-bag trend is nowhere near over (see: the rise of fanny packs), several key fashion personalities — Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Demna Gvasalia, Alessandro Michele, Phoebe Philo — have aligned themselves with the schlepper cause. (What can we say? Fashion tends to operate in extremes.)

This past September, hobos, totes, bucket bags and shoppers of epic proportions made their way down the Spring 2018 runways of Céline, Calvin Klein and Chanel, to name just a few. (Given the commercial success of Balenciaga’s super-size, super expensive shopper bags, we were hardly surprised.)

Large enough to hold a full day’s (and night’s, and perhaps even a week’s, if you’re used to carrying a mini-bag) worth of essentials, this new crop of cool, capacious carryalls is all about utility. Need a change of shoes? Subway reading options? Gigantic headphones? All the moisturizing products (because winter)? As a wise man once said, “Just throw it in the bag.”

The trend towards bigger-is-better bags speaks to designers’ awareness of their costumers: modern, on-the-go women who, while freewheeling and decisive enough to pack their life into a mini bag, may prefer to travel not so light, for time or comfort’s sake. In keeping with said theme, pair yours with a bold-hued suit or glamleisure getup.

Two addenda:

1. Street style stars suggest you not fill your bag to the brim. Rather, keep it light and dangle it nonchalantly by your side. Big bags are fashion, bag lady vibes are not.

2. Rather than shell out a small fortune on a luxe tote, splurge on another big-ticket item and ask the sales clerk to bag it up in their largest logo-ed shopper or tote (which, in all likelihood, comes free with purchase). Two birds, one stone.

See the oversized bags coming in Spring 2018 and shop early takes on the trend in the slideshow below.

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