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Get the Social Media Marketing Bundle for only $34

With the introduction of social media, the whole marketing landscape has changed. While traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, TV, radio, and newspapers are still being used, social media makes it easier for businesses to reach their audience and increase brand awareness. Incorporating social media into your marketing mix can help you grow your […]

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The Best Glitter Makeup for Grownups

In the days of school dances and weekend slumber parties, we couldn’t get enough glitter makeup. We’d slather sparkles on every inch of exposed skin. And the chunkier, gooier the glitter, the more we loved it. As our makeup routines matured, many of us left OTT sparkle behind in favor of subtler shimmer products. If you haven’t gone back to glitter yet, it’s time to get reacquainted, because the newest glitter beauty products have a decidedly grown-up feel.

The glitter of today isn’t the sparkly stuff we loved as tweens. Modern formulas are smooth and silky and offer a multifaceted glow, courtesy of duochrome finishes or cutting-edge pearl technology. The result is shimmer worthy of a red carpet. What’s more, the latest glitter products aren’t suspended in sticky substances. They’re available in powders and liquids that are genuinely comfortable to wear.

Glitter makeup is a natural fit for your holiday party look but it can also easily be incorporated into a sexy smoky eye for date night. When used sparingly, glitter can even be used to add some added dimension to soft daytime looks.

Get ready to embrace the new, more mature version of sparkle with these grown-up glitter beauty products that are the right blend of sophisticated and shimmery.

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How Philanthropy Helps Businesses Big and Small

Philanthropy is a great American business tradition. The word itself evokes some of the greatest entrepreneurs the country has seen – Rockefeller, Chuck Feeney, Bill and Melinda Gates. With good reason, philanthropy is seen as a noble cause for companies with large assets. Philanthropy takes many forms and can be a wonderful boost to your business. Whether that’s fundraising, directly…


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