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6 Emerging User Interface Design Trends for 2018

There is never a dull moment in the design community, each year brings with it a new set of  user interface trends. Some of these trends just disappear in a puff of smoke while others dominate the design scene for a longer time and change the face of  the website design for years to come. […]

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Legal Freedom Fighter Series: Mitchell Bernard and the Natural Resources Defense Council

Freedom Fighters


We’ve seen it repeatedly throughout our history: When people’s rights are threatened, it’s the lawyers who step up to to the plate. Some are true Freedom Fighters, and they deserve special recognition. That’s why each month, we will feature lawyers who are really making a difference.

Today, we are proud to feature Mitchell Bernard of the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Mitch Bernard is Chief Counsel at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an organization focused on making sure that “the world’s children should inherit a planet that will sustain them as it has sustained us.” It also works to “ensure the rights of all people to the air, the water and the wild, and to prevent special interests from undermining public interests.”

Through his work at NRDC, Bernard has successfully litigated water, air, toxics, and environmental justice cases against Texaco, Mallinckrodt, Duke Energy, and a variety of government agencies. Previously, as a monitor appointed by U.S. District Judge John S. Martin, Jr., Bernard oversaw the creation and implementation of an environmental compliance program at Con Edison. In other words, this man works tirelessly to protect and defend our environment

Here’s the interview:

What inspired you to become a lawyer in the first place?
I wanted to represent people who did not have easy access to the most effective lawyers.

What was your most memorable case?
Westway, a Clean Water Act case I tried many years ago. The political and economic forces arrayed in favor of the project—which, at the time, were the most expensive federal highway ever proposed at $10,000/inch—were formidable. We were able to prove that the government violated the law in approving the project, and the highway was never constructed. The result helped the Hudson River, vindicated the rule of law, and, through a trade-in of the highway funds, triggered substantial investment in mass transit. A triple thrill. It was such a big deal that law professor, William W. Buzbee, recently wrote a book about the case entitled Fighting Westway.

What’s the biggest challenge you face today?
The onslaught of attacks by the Trump administration on measures that enhance the environment and human health. The President and his appointees have values antithetical to ours, starting with disregard for science, fact, and law.

How will our withdrawal from the Paris Agreement really affect the work that you do and the environment itself in the long run?
In terms of climate, that depends in part on how other countries respond. The commitment to climate action by other nations, and by many states and cities and businesses in the U.S. is encouraging. But it also signals an isolationism that’s disturbing: On climate, nearly every nation in the world is moving in the right direction, toward the future, and the United States is lagging behind.

How can lawyers really make a difference when it comes to our environment and what limitations do they face?
Yes, lawyers and their committed clients can save the planet. That’s what we’ve set out to do, are dedicated to doing; we do it every day. We have had 34 lawsuits against the current administration since the inauguration, and the pace of legal challenges will accelerate. We are challenging every significant unlawful move they make in the environmental and human health arena. We have confidence that the courts will hold the government (as well as private polluters) accountable to the law.

You’ve had so many successes. Which one (or ones) stands out the most for you?
I love every case we win. I once represented a group of dissident community folks in Martineztown, on the outskirts of Albuquerque. A courageous woman, Loretta Naranjo, stood up to the powerful patriarchy in her own neighborhood, to the City of Albuquerque, and to the local federal judges, all of whom sponsored or supported an expensive new federal courthouse that may have destroyed her community. I was proud to represent her and her neighbors, and I was proud to play a small, supportive role in their struggle for justice.

If you could give one piece of advice to other lawyers across the country, what would you say?
Find work you love to do and get good at it.

If lawyers—regardless of the areas they practice—want to help protect our environment, what can they do to help?
Join the Natural Resources Defense Council. Take cases pro bono. Be an active citizen.


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Despite an All-Star Cast, Miu Miu’s Cruise 2018 Campaign Feels Irrelevant

Over recent seasons, tFS forum members have complained that Miu Miu’s advertising campaigns aren’t what they used to be. Proof? Not even the likes of Naomie Harris and Kate Moss could save the Fall 2017 campaign. The brand’s offering for Cruise 2018 just dropped and, despite impressive casting that includes Elle Fanning, Anna Ewers, Doutzen Kroes, Joan Smalls, Kesewa Aboah, Lily Nova and Slick Woods, the images fall flat. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan with Katie Grand in charge of styling, the crew headed to a race track in Montlhéry, France to lens the series of vibrant images, which ultimately failed to win over our forum members.

Miu Miu Cruise 2018 by Alasdair McLellan


“The theme doesn’t work, the photography doesn’t, neither does the terrible, terrible model casting. All on Katie Grand, I’m sure. The passé Doutzen, Anna, Joan, a new yet incredibly dull and lesser Aboah, rounded out by Slick Woods. Surprised not to see Kendall here. Perhaps Miuccia [Prada] won’t have her,” wrote a disapproving Benn98 upon checking out the campaign.

“Miu Miu, once my favorite brand, has become so irrelevant. Irrelevant models, irrelevant campaigns. Katie ruined everything. Fire her please,” pleased anlabe32.

Voicing the same opinion was Lola701: “Too many people, too many things to look at. I don’t mind the concept but the execution is really flat. The cast is so not Miu Miu at all. Yes, Katie ruined this brand!”

Miu Miu Cruise 2018 by Alasdair McLellan


“It looks very cheap. Zara, Erdem x H&M look infinitely more luxurious and expensive than this,” criticized forum member apple.

Fiercification wasn’t exactly thrilled with the outcome, either. “LOL, I really can’t stand the incohesion of these casts. This concept is not what Alasdair was built for,” he pointed out.

“I’m all for letting the newer school of photographers take the lead in editorial and advertising, but I can’t help but think Craig McDean would’ve been a better fit,” kikifoz chimed in.

Miu Miu Cruise 2018 by Alasdair McLellan


Care to see more? Check out Miu Miu’s Cruise 2018 ad campaign in its entirety and add your own two cents here.

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5 Reasons Why Billboard Advertising Works

If you want to reach an optimum number of people with your advertising message, you couldn’t find a better way than placing a billboard, and by using an established provider who has all the best locations, you can be sure of maximum exposure. If you are about to launch a new and exciting promotion, and have not considered using a billboard, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to…


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Brad Announces Style Partnership With Ike Behar

Brad Keselowski is the newest Ike Behar Gentleman.

Ike Behar has proudly announced Brad Keselowski as the newest spokesman and brand ambassador for the luxury clothier. Ike Behar will be styling the 33 year-old NASCAR champion in perfectly tailored items from both their custom program and upcoming collections. The brand has plans to feature Brad in their up-coming campaigns throughout the country.

“I think Brad is the quintessential Ike Behar man,” said Alan Behar, CEO of Ike Behar. “He’s a man who is one of the best in the world at his craft, with a tremendous sense of style, and an eye for quality.”

In his role as brand ambassador, BK will promote Ike Behar’s complete collection of high- quality fashion forward dress shirts, suits, ties, sport shirts, sport coats, slacks, formal wear, as well as Ike Behar’s exceptional custom suiting and shirting programs.

“The role of a modern day NASCAR driver is equally as busy outside the car as it is on the track,” said Keselowski. “In representing myself, our team, our partners, and becoming more involved in the business world, it is important to me and it feels good to have a stylish, tailored look. Ike Behar certainly offers that and the company’s American heritage and it being family-owned makes it an ideal partner.”


Ike Behar combines traditional craftsmanship with new age style to forge an ever changing collection that is as timeless as it is contemporary. Originally, known for high quality dress shirts, the Ike Behar product line has expanded – through a broad spectrum of licensees – into a complete lifestyle brand that now includes sport shirts, neck wear, outerwear, jewelry, accessories, and loungewear, in addition to exquisitely tailored suits, sport coats, and dress slacks. The brand has boutiques in Charlotte, D.C., Charleston and Chicago and is available at high-end department stores and specialty shops nationwide.

Still family owned and operated, Ike Behar continues to use only fine materials, while maintaining a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship. Ike Behar is based in Miami and in production in the United States and across the world.

To learn more visit IkeBehar.com.

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