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Good writing takes talent, but exceptional writing takes practice. As any writer will tell you, the best way to improve your writing skills is to write small pieces every day. However, one of the biggest challenges for any writer is finishing their projects on time. The temptation of the Internet is so strong that most […]

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tFS Forum Members Are Still Not Here for Willy Vanderperre’s Prada Campaigns

TheFashionSpot’s forum members still can’t get over Willy Vandeperre replacing Steven Meisel as Prada’s campaign photographer. With the exception of Jessica Chastain‘s Fall 2017 campaign, Vandeperre’s images have been redundant and forgettable — and Prada’s Resort 2018 campaign is just more of the same. Model Kris Grikaite is back, fronting the minimalist and stark campaign, which is split into two parts. Section one, entitled ‘Perspectives‘ (below), features full-length images of the collection, while ‘Synthesis‘ (after the jump) focuses on the accessories.

Prada Resort 2018 : Kris Grikaite by Willy Vanderperre


It’s no surprise that members of our forums weren’t here for the campaign. “Looks like Raf’s Dior – cold, sterile, uninviting. What will it take for Miuccia Prada to realize that Willy Vanderperre is plunging her brand into irrelevancy?” quizzed Benn98.

“With sales still being down, I figured they would have dumped Willy and gone for Meisel. How disappointing. He’s just not working out, the first campaign was good but everything else is just a big blur,” voiced an underwhelmed GivenchyHomme.

Russianelf couldn’t have agreed more. “Kris is so bland… these campaigns look sterile. Meisel may have lost his editorial spark, but his campaigns were always on point. Bad move on Prada’s part to switch from him to Willy,” he echoed.

Quick to share their disapproval was myran: “What’s with the awkward poses and expressions? Kris looks like a little kid playing dress-up and it’s all so drab and uninspired. Like a bunch of rejected outtakes!”

“Is Prada x Kris x Willy a good combination? Yes. Is it becoming redundant? Absolutely. They must change things up a little bit if they want to use the same model and photographer over and over again,” admitted apple.

Prada Resort 2018 : Kris Grikaite by Willy Vanderperre


Care to see more? See the rest of Prada’s Resort 2018 campaign and join the conversation here.

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The Importance of Personalizing Corporate Emails

When it comes to communications in the corporate world, it is vital to remember the importance of adding a personal touch. Many people in the world of business, including the sales industry, make their communication so corporate that it puts people off completely. When it comes to email communication, people have a tendency to simply hit delete when they receive corporate emails that look like…


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