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Use Simple SEO Updates to Enhance the Performance of Your WordPress Site!

One of the most important issues you may have to deal with as a website owner is how to make your WordPress site operate faster and ensure that it is optimized fully for search engines. You are aware that minimizing the server response time of your site can go a long way in improving its […]

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Rocket Matter’s Legal Productivity is Among the ABA Journal’s Web 100 “Best Law Blogs”

ABA Journal's Web 100 Best Law Blogs


We at Legal Productivity take a lot of pride in our work. We always strive to produce content that lawyers will both learn from and enjoy. We fact-check our articles. We cover timely, important news and analyze how it affects attorneys around the world.

And now, it seems our hard work and dedication to good journalism has paid off.

The ABA Journal has included Rocket Matter’s Legal Productivity blog in their Web 100. This honor features 50 blogs, 25 law podcasts, and 25 tweeters that they recommend lawyers follow—and Legal Productivity was dubbed one of the “Best law blogs” around.

So why were we chosen? Apparently our readers wrote in and spoke highly of our Freedom Fighter series and our 10 Minute Law Firm podcast. They appreciate that our blog features posts on how lawyers can get organized, leverage technology, and market their firms. We’ve also recently covered everything from sexual harassment in the legal industry and how lawyers can help veterans to productivity in associates and how to write the perfect business email.

We thank the ABA Journal for this honor.

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How Aussie Actress Gemma Forsyth Unwinds After a Day on Set

A day in the life of Australian actress Gemma Forsyth can be a tough grind. Sure, she might have spent a lot of her on-screen time camped out on a magical mermaid-ruled island, in her role as Evie McLaren on fave Aussie TV show Mako Mermaids, but life back home isn’t always as serene as mermaid island life. Sometimes, a girl just needs to unwind.

That’s where Samsung’s Sound+, comes in. With its simple and sleek design, the new soundbar fits seamlessly into Gemma’s elegantly-styled Bondi home, making relaxing after a long day on set that much easier.

Plus, she explains, the Sound+’s all-in-one design means there’s no need to find space for an extra subwoofer – an added bonus for a certain someone who loves a boogie in her living room on occasion and has been known to trip over pesky, errant cables!

theFashionSpot caught up with Gemma at her Bondi home recently, to find out how Samsung’s Sound+ works for her – whether she’s listening to music, watching a movie or researching for an upcoming role.

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Time, Talent, and Energy: Managing the Scarcest Resources for Business Success

Most companies look into various strategic business operations to get an edge over their competitors. One of those ways is to have elaborate procedures for capital management that include compiling a business case for any new investment, prescribing spending limits at each designation, and carefully delegating authorities to manage cash flow. However, intelligent branding means identifying that…


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Ep 24: Jeff Shavitz and the Ultimate Business Mindset

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port interviews Jeff Shavitz, the CEO and founder of LexCharge legal payment processing. Jeff talks about how he became an entrepreneur and divulges his unique mindset for taking your business to the next level. Jeff also talks about his involvement with YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) as well as the idea of a business “Mastermind” to help foster leadership and growth for other entrepreneurs.

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23 Hat-Proof Hairstyles to Try This Winter

As the weather turns from crisp to freezing, we can at least take solace in the fact that we get to update our wardrobe. We’ve already picked up our new blanket scarves, a teddy jacket and even some stylish hats inspired by the Fall 2017 runways. But when it comes to the latter, there’s one side effect we’re dreading: hat hair. Yes, it’s an epidemic this time of year with so many of us trying to keep our heads covered from the cold.

But there’s no need to walk around indoors with disheveled strands. From space buns to side braids to rolled updos, there are quite a few cute hairstyles that are hat-friendly and look great whether your hat is on or off. For extra assurance that your hair won’t be a flop after you remove your cap, part your hair on the opposite side you want to wear it. That way, when you take off your topper, you can just flip your hair back to your preferred part and you’ll have volume rather than a case of hat hair.

Above, 23 hat-friendly, cute hairstyles to try this winter.

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Why Do You Need Magento E-commerce Solution for Your Growing Business?

Well, we all know that there are plenty of E-commerce alternatives available for different type of merchandise. And thus, such an alternative is a crucial condition for the business in order to fulfill the demands of the growing needs of the buyers as well as growing needs of profits for the business. Online business is […]

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Why You Didn’t Hear From Us Over the Weekend

Giving Tuesday 2017 We don’t know about you, but the amount of e-mails we received over the weekend urging us to #OptOutside or to participate in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, was a little overwhelming. You may have noticed that we stayed out of the fray. Of course, we did choose to […]

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Switching from an iPhone to an Android: Pros and Cons after One Week

switching from iphone to android


After much deliberation and soul-searching, I decided to switch to Android after being an iPhone user since 2008. The iOS 11 update rendered my poor iPhone 6 Plus virtually unusable, and it made me resentful towards Apple. The flowing display of the Note 8 and the intrigue of the S-Pen stylus were enough for me to take the leap and convert, something I had resisted for three straight phone purchases.

After finding out I made the switch, a lot of people have been asking me to share my experiences of switching to Android after being an iOS user for so long. I’ve only been using the Note 8 for less than a week, but here are my observations so far:

Things I miss about iOS:

iMessage – Text messages in general are just better in iOS. Read receipts and the lack of character limits were great to have and something I’ve grown accustomed to.

Notifications – When you get a text, email or other message a tiny one line strip appears for about one second in Android. It’s gone so fast, it’s almost impossible to take action on it. Even when you open the notification list replying to a text or message is painful and requires multiple clicks on a super tiny drop down arrow. iOS has designed this interaction really well. It just requires a simple swipe. The Android notification list in general is not well designed from a UX perspective. Its cluttered and difficult to scan quickly for the information you are looking for.

Maybe you can do this on Android but I can’t find a way to set different sounds and vibration patterns for specific notifications. With iOS, my phone would be in my pocket and I would know if I got a text, slack message, or email without taking it out.

Lock screen – iOS lock screen is better and you can access the camera a little faster.

Emojis– These Android Emojis that came with the Note 8 are AWFUL. I can’t stand them. I never even realized these weren’t standardized. I use Slack daily and they have the same emojis as iOS. Seems like a small thing but I feel my communication doesn’t quite capture the right feeling without the perfect emoji.

Unlocking the phone – Unless you use the fingerprint scanner (which is not positioned well on the Note 8), it requires pressing a button, swiping the screen, then either looking at the iris scanner (which is hit or miss) or inputting your “unlock pattern.” Too many steps. iOS is just simpler. It seems minor but this is something you are doing all day over and over again. (I will say this about Android: You can set up locations you know to be safe, like your house, where the phone will not lock. That’s really nice.)

Visual consistency – Apple has done a great job of keeping things consistent within the interface including third party developer icons. Things feels polished and refined in iOS.

Things I love about Android / Note:

Google Assistant – Crushes Siri. It’s not even close. But now you can get it on iPhone, although I don’t know if it’s a one-to-one comparison.

Multi App Display – Super sick. You can have 2 apps opened at once and have them split the screen. You can have your bank app open at the same time as your calculator, etc. I used to pull this off on the iPhone by jumping back and forth which was inefficient and annoying. The feature is well implemented too, switching which app is open in each window is easy, as is dismissing one altogether.

The S-Pen – I love it. The way you can draw and take notes is amazing. Adobe Sketchbook is a great app for leveraging this peripheral. Sketching with the pencil feels surprisingly lifelike. It’s very impressive. Taking notes in written form but having them stored in the cloud is a game changer as I’ve always preferred the handwritten medium yet succumbed to typing everything merely for persistence and cloud accessibility. The stylus is small and thus might prove easy to misplace. However the Note remembers the time and date the S-Pen was last removed so you can backtrack where you were when last using it.

Display – The Note’s flowing display is amazing and it makes using the device more pleasurable.

Unlocking the phone – The ability to set locations where the phone stays unlocked, like your house. Very convenient.

Keyboard – The swipe style typing that’s possible is a real time saver. It’s very satisfying to see the long word you were after magically appear after sweeping across the keys with minimal accuracy.  Also the long press access to punctuation and special characters is a godsend for and iOS convert.

Location based reminders – This is amazing and something I’ve thought made too much sense not to have. Reminding me to get dog food when I’m near a PetSmart is incredible. Siri tried but was awful at figuring out where the locations I was telling her were. But now that iOS has Google Assistant, you can probably do this on iPhone too.

Things the jury is out on:

Widgets – At first I thought these would be so cool and I was always frustrated that iOS didn’t allow them. After playing around with them and trying to get my widget screens just right, I’m not convinced. The info they provide is ok but opening the app is just as easy and provides the full experience. Also I wish Android had some design standard for these widgets. They all look different and have different sizes and shapes and by the time the widget screen is compiled it looks like some type of pieced together frankenstein screen which drives me crazy.

Bottom line: Early impressions

iOS is a bit more polished and attention is spent on a lot of the micro-interactions you engage in daily. There’s less friction when using the device. Android has some really nice usability additions that are helpful in the context of your daily routines outside of the phone. It alerted me to a major traffic accident I was approaching even though I was not in any active navigation route. Calendar reminders include traffic information and they let you know when you should leave to arrive on time. Google assistant is awesome, but now you can get that on iOS.

I’m still learning and experimenting with the device so we’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks. I’m certain many of my misgivings are due to being a novice on the platform. I’ll have a follow up after a month of using the Note. Stay tuned!

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12 Hand Creams That Will Save Your Dry, Cracked Skin This Winter

There’s nothing like a dollop of rich hand cream to soothe our dry skin during the cold weather months. But hand cream does way more than offer relief — it’s actually a vital anti-aging product. Why? As it turns out, our hands age just as quickly as our faces, thanks to all the heavy use and exposure they endure throughout our lives.

Luckily, a high-quality hand cream can help turn back the clock. But what separates the best hand creams from all the rest? Look for ones that are nongreasy, long-lasting and multipurpose (your cuticles will thank you). Check out the hand creams that fit the bill in the slideshow above.

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