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Haider Ackermann Spring 2018 Runway

images: Imaxtree

See all the Haider Ackermann Spring 2018 looks from the runway.


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Essential Trends of Web Design 2K17

  We all are attracted to beautiful website designs and anything less; we discard them for not appealing. So as a designer you must stick to the rules that make a site worth visiting, at all times. The simpler the design, the better as it prevents clutter, offers seamless navigation and gives a sleek overall […]

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21 New or Soon-to-Drop Fall Eyeshadow Palettes That Are Worth the Hype

Fall is here and a great way to herald in the new season is by switching up your beauty look. And what better way to do that than by starting with one of the most important parts of your face — your eyes (second only to your brows). This season, designers have launched a dizzying array of lust-worthy new eyeshadow palettes; some of the best we’ve seen in a while. These eye-pleasing palettes will break you out of your basic beige shadow rut. Not only will you have hours of play, but also most of these one-stop shadow sets boast a dazzling array of hues that will take you from day to night with ease. Click through for the best eyeshadow palettes for fall above.

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Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall That Are Worth the Hype

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What MedTech Companies Need To Know To Succeed in Europe

Europe is the second largest MedTech market in the world, so it’s unsurprising that many companies outside of it want a slice of the action. And, there seems to be a belief that Europe is an easier place to commercialize a new device before attempting to do the same in places like the US. But, size isn’t everything, and things aren’t often as straightforward as they seem. Here are three things…


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Brad Braced for Monster Mile’s Challenge

Brad Keselowski doesn’t need an outstanding finish in this weekend’s Apache Warrior 400, but the No. 2 Miller Lite Ford driver will nonetheless look for the Top 5 that eluded him earlier this season at Dover International Raceway.

Brad’s No. 2 Ford in Wurth colors showed great speed at The Monster Mile earlier this year, but it could only show it for 66 laps. Just one week after another competitor’s wreck knocked him out a Charlotte, Kes was taken out by a spinning Kurt Busch in Dover, ending his day early.

“It really stinks to DNF two weeks in a row, but to make it worse I think we had cars capable of competing for the win both weeks,” BK said at Dover in June. “It’s unfortunate that we haven’t been able to show the speed in our Ford Fusions.”

Despite that result, Brad does have a strong history at the 1-mile Delaware track. He boasts six Top 10 finishes, five in the Top 5, two poles and a win that helped fuel his 2012 Cup Championship run. He also finished runner-up twice at The Monster Mile in 2014.

“Dover is an incredible challenge,” BK said. “You literally drive into the corner and you fall down two stories, while going about 160mph, and your stomach just drops. Your right foot has to stay in the gas pedal, and that challenge to do that every lap for three hours is very tough.”

While Kes will have his hands full, he won’t have to deal with the pressure that the majority of his competitors are feeling. Brad is one of four drivers to have clinched a spot in the Round of 12. Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch are in on wins, while Kyle Larson and BK have enough of a cushion on the 12th-place cutline that they can’t fall out of the Top 12 based on points.

Four drivers will be eliminated after the race, setting the stage for a hectic weekend at a track that requires no extra pressure to be difficult. Qualifying is set for 3:40 p.m. ET after the initial practice at 10 a.m., both to be aired on NBCSN. CNBC will carry Saturday’s practice sessions. Finally, the Apache Warrior 400 will go green shortly after 2 p.m. ET Sunday and will air on NBCSN.

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Pay What You Want for the White Hack Hacker 2017 Bundle

The news is often full of stories about hackers stealing data from the government and large corporations. Because of this, it’s easy to see why people tend to associate the word hacker with thieves and cybercriminals. But the truth is that, not all hackers are evil. Despite the overused negative connotation that hackers use their […]

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34 Gorgeous #NoMakeup Celebrity Instagram Moments

It used to be that photos of celebrities without makeup were the stuff of gossip rags like the National Enquirer, Star Magazine and Us Weekly, which paraded them as banners of shame. Paparazzi would fetch upward of $15,000 for snaps of women sans their usual armor of foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick and so forth. But in recent times, the conversation has changed. Celebs — and brands like Dove and People magazine — have turned makeup-free moments into acts of rebellion, vulnerability and self-acceptance.

In a world where being a female celebrity — or, for that matter, female — seemingly invites unwanted appraisals of your appearance, A-listers now regularly choose to go barefaced. Particularly on their Instagram accounts. Some, like the iconic Jennifer Lopez, accompany these no-makeup moments with raw confessionals. “So this is what it’s like before the show,” shared the singer in a post preceding one of her recent Vegas performances. “I sit here, no hair, no makeup, no nothing, just trying to get mentally prepared to give you all I have.”

Getting ready for show night… #jlovegas #allihave #letsgetit

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on Jun 2, 2017 at 7:19pm PDT

Others use the attention-grabbing photos to highlight the artifice of makeup — and dated societal beauty standards. “Its (sic) exhausting to be told what beauty should look like,” Cara Delevingne captioned a barefaced paparazzi snap of herself taken this past May, just after she’d shaved her head for a role. “Strip away the clothes, wipe off the make up (sic), cut off the hair … Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?”

Still others don’t even acknowledge their lack of makeup to emphasize that this is normal (still an act of feminism, though less overt). But captions aside, when these women display their natural beauty and show they’re comfortable with how they look and lend their spectacular photo-framing skills to the task, the resulting photos are definitely worth seeing. Click through the slideshow above for 34 stunning Instagrams of celebrities without makeup that more than prove this point. Prepare to feel awed and seriously inspired to join the come-as-you-are beauty movement.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Documenting Content Marketing Strategy

As a marketer, you already know that ‘content is king’ and you are leaving no stone unturned to make your content marketing strategy win. But have you ever thought of documenting it? Well, a documented strategy can help you align your team, streamline your work process, and drive great results to make your efforts stronger. Here is a step-by-step guide to documenting your content marketing…


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Mastering the Creation of a Logo for Marketing

  Your business logo is a crucial part of your marketing programs. It gives you a face that is recognizable by the public and allows people to identify your company quickly across all platforms of business marketing. The difference between a good logo and a great professional logo can make or break your small business […]

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Lawyers Share Their Favorite Legal Movies

favorite legal movies

“Without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite legal movie is My Cousin Vinny. That movie showed that it isn’t always the slickest or the most experienced attorney who is best to have on your side. If the attorney passionately believes in you and your case, then that’s the one you want standing by you.” —Francine E. Love, a business attorney in New York. 

Erin Brokovich is an all-time favorite simply because of the passion and effort the character portrayed in ensuring justice for the people suffering. The character was not an educated lawyer yet had all the qualities of one!”  —Roshni Lachhwani, an intellectual property rights attorney in Mumbai, India. 

A Time to Kill because it had a great story, great actors, great courtroom scenes, and probably the greatest closing argument on film.”   —Jesse Klaproth, a lawyer in Philadelphia whose firm focuses on employment law, whistleblower law, and consumer fraud class actions.  

“12 Angry Men is an incredibly insightful movie.  It is the reason I always recommend keeping a case out of the hands of a jury, if possible, because any given jury can do anything.  Each jury is different, but human nature, for the better or worse, defines the result.” —Ellis Bennett, a lawyer whose firm focuses on commercial law and intellectual property law nationwide.

I love movies that portray strong women making decisions that are are in the leading edge of society. I recently watched Miss Sloane, and although in the movie she is a lobbyist, her level of strategy is one that can be greatly used in real life, especially women litigators.  —Renata Castro, an immigration attorney in Pompano Beach, Florida.

To Kill a Mockingbird.  I am not alone in saying that Addicus Finch inspired me to not only be a lawyer but also be a lawyer for the right reasons.” —Tor Hoerman, a personal injury lawyer specializing in mass tort in Edwardsville, IL, St. Louis, MO, and Chicago, IL.

A Civil Action.  This was based on a true story battle fought by an environmental lawyer over toxins in the city water supply. I enjoyed that the main character laid down everything for the fight based on principle, something the best lawyers always strive to do.” —Tina Willis, a personal injury attorney in Orlando.

 “While this isn’t a legal drama, my favorite movie to recommend to clients is Things Change by David Mamet. Don Ameche plays an elderly fisherman who is hired by the mob to take the fall for the mafia don’s son on a murder rap.  Joe Mantegna plays a low-level mafiosa who is on probation.  Instead of laying low for the weekend while Ameche waits to “turn himself in,” Mantegna takes him to Las Vegas to party.  Every time something happens, Ameche’s character says, “Things change!”  And then they do (for better or worse) several times during the movie.  I use the movie to reinforce the concept of the ebb and flow of litigation to my clients who seem to appreciate the movie and recommend it to others.” —Donald E. Petersen, a consumer rights lawyer in Orlando.
“I find most courtroom movies absolutely dreadful, as they violate so many rules out of ignorance and laziness, not for the purpose of telling the story better. However, the courtroom scenes in Jagged Edge were really good. They raised the tension in the story as the evidence might be building from the accused, played by Jeff Bridges . . . or maybe toward him. Also, My Cousin Vinny is hilarious—and is educational for courtroom attorneys: Keep your statements clear, devoid of extra language just because you think it “sounds like a lawyer.” Talk like an actual person. Exhibit A: “Everyt’ing dat guy just said is bulls___.” Except, you know, don’t swear. At least, not in opening statements.” —Rich Matthews, a trial consultant and attorney based in San Francisco who works on civil and criminal cases nationwide. 

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