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5 Things They Haven’t Taught you at Web Design School

Are you web design professional looking to make it big in the designing world? Well that’s great, as web designing is one of the most flourishing careers in today’s digital era. You must have taken up an extensive training from a reputable web designing school, and are now looking forward to start your own business. Now […]

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Guy Laroche Spring 2017 Runway

images: IMAXtree

See all the Guy Laroche Spring 2017 looks from the runway.

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An Interview With An Internet Entrepreneur

“paulPaul Nute is an Internet entrepreneur who has spent nearly 20 years building Internet marketing companies. Mr. Nute has employed 100’s of people and service thousands of clients over the years. In his spare time, Paul Nute enjoys spending time with his wife outdoors, fishing in Florida.

What traits do you think are good in a leader?

I think a thorough understanding of the business you’re in and being a subject matter expert by far carries the most weight. The ability to stay calm and relaxed for your team when there’s ambiguity about a decision making process definitely helps as well. People trust a leader that can keep their demeanor together in times of stress.

Can success be taught?

Success can be cultivated. What I mean by that is, success is an end result of putting the right things together over time. It doesn’t happen overnight, although some companies seem to pop up out of nowhere. What is rarely shown is the hard work and relationship building that is put into place to harness success. It’s nothing that can be taught, but it is something that can be grown if you stimulate a person or company with the right ingredients. You can always set someone up for success – it’s up to them to push themselves towards that goal.

Do you encounter stress in business?

Everyone encounters stress in business. Absolutely they do – but only if they keep their head in the future. The future is always uncertain. I used to encounter stress until I realized that stress is created by your own thoughts. Think about that for a second. If you let uncertainty get to you, you will stress yourself out. I find it’s best to be confident in the systems that you’ve developed will overcome uncertainty about what the future may bring. Stay in the moment and be stress free.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. They see the results of owning your own business and being in control of your own path and want to be in the same boat. The reality is, there’s no playbook for being an entrepreneur. It varies for everyone. I would say find something you’re good at; something you have a passion for and figure out how to monetize that passion. One of the biggest keys to unlocking your potential is scaling your awareness. How aware are you of your surroundings, yourself and the gaps in-between?

What are the biggest obstacles you’ve overcome?

The toughest obstacle will always be your own self-doubt. Starting your own business has no guarantees. You have to be confident in yourself in order to run a business. Confidence carries its own weight. The more confident you are, the better your decision making will be. And the better your decision making, the better off your business has a chance at giving you the success you’ve been searching for. To learn more about Paul Nute, please check out his personal site and another interview describing the early days of Mr. Nute’s career.

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fairlife Teams Up With Checkered Flag Foundation for Better Half Dash

For ten months a year, Brad Keselowski, Paige White and their daughter Scarlett travel the country as Keselowski pursues his second NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship.  On Thursday, October 6th, it will not be Keselowski behind the wheel, but rather White as she competes in the 6th annual running of the Better Half Dash at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  The Better Half Dash, hosted by Motor Racing Outreach (MRO), has become a staple charity event in the days leading up to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Bank of America 500 (October 8th).  It is an opportunity for the women of NASCAR to suit up and compete in Bandolero race cars to support causes they are passionate about.  For White, this cause is Brad Keselowski’s Checkered Flag Foundation (CFF).  Joining White and the CFF for the Better Half Dash will be health and wellness company fairlife©.

On a mission to provide better nutrition for the world, fairlife delivers consumers the protein and calcium they are looking for in their busy lives through nutritious, great tasting milk products.  Keselowski and White have been fairlife fans for the past two years and the product is a fixture in their home and motor coach at NASCAR races.  Daughter Scarlett is the newest member of the fairlife fan club.

“fairlife has been a staple for all three of us, whether at home or on the road” said White.  “We’re thrilled fairlife is supporting the Checkered Flag Foundation through the Better Half Dash. It should be a lot of fun as we work together on behalf of our veterans, first responders, and their families. With both Brad and my dad being racers, I am looking forward to taking my turn at the wheel!”

“We were introduced to Brad and Paige at the beginning of this year and learned of their personal story of how they discovered fairlife, how it’s integrated into their on-the-go lifestyle, as well as their passion for helping others through the Checkered Flag Foundation,” said fairlife Senior Manager of Partnerships, Greg Gerba. “Their authenticity for fairlife and passion for making our communities better resonates with us. Supporting Paige and the Foundation in the Better Half Dash is a great way to continue to introduce our company and family of products to a broader audience.”

About fairlife, LLC

fairlife, LLC is a health and wellness dairy company that produces and markets premium-quality, value-added, great tasting milk products – from farmers who share your values – crafted into real food nutrition that provides you with the vitality you need to live a fulfilled life. fairlife, LLC’s patented cold filtration process filters milk to increase natural protein and minerals and decrease lactose and sugar. In 2012, Select Milk Producers entered into a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company to form fairlife, LLC. The Coca-Cola Company is the distribution partner for the products that fairlife, LLC, creates, markets and sells. fairlife, LLC owns and operates its own state-of-the-art plant in Michigan. fairlife, LLC, produces fairlife ultra-filtered milk, a high protein, reduced sugar great-tasting milk for the whole family, Core Power, a high protein milkshake for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and YUP!, a delicious line of flavored milks.

About Checkered Flag Foundation

The Checkered Flag Foundation was founded by Brad Keselowski and incorporated in late July of 2010 and received its 501(c)(3) status a few short months later.  The Checkered Flag Foundation strives to help those who have been injured while sacrificing for their community or country, including military members, veterans, first responders, and their family.  Since its formation, the Checkered Flag Foundation has raised over $1 million and has partnered with more than twenty (20) organizations to provide assistance.

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5 Social Media Hacks for Effective Company Branding

Social media gives you ample opportunities for content marketing, customer support, selling and brand building. With so many social media platforms available today and the heavy competition therein, it is truly difficult to carve a niche for your brand on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here are a few steps to effectively amplify your company branding […]

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Twitter is Better than LinkedIn for Building Professional Relationships

Twitter professional relationships
LinkedIn bills itself as the largest professional network, but Twitter, whose tagline is simply, “what’s happening,” easily wins for creating and nurturing relationships.

Here are three primary reasons why.

1. The easiest introduction ever – When you come across a piece of writing or video or presentation that resonates, you send the link out on Twitter and attach that person’s Twitter handle. They’re notified and you get on their radar. That simple process often forms the genesis of a relationship.

Same deal when you follow someone. Don’t despair when someone doesn’t follow you back. Don’t even expect it. And if they do, be ready to live up to the privilege by consistently sending out useful content and engaging. Instead, view the follow as an initial touch, eye-contact, wave; an introduction.

When I was trying to figure out Twitter back in 2009, I listened to a podcast with Kevin O’Keefe and Bob Ambrogi.

My first tweet?


I wasn’t savvy enough to credit them with Twitter handles but Bob and Kevin were among my first follows and we’ve since become friends and they remain two people in the legal space I deeply admire and respect. And it all started with a Twitter follow and a tweet. I could fill a book with similar stories. See: How Lawyers Use Twitter.

2. The relationship is not reciprocal – Twitter is unlike LinkedIn or Facebook where you send a “connection” request and wait for an affirmative reply. Twitter has one relationship only: Follower. A follow-back is nice but not important to the relationship or engagement.

LinkedIn is primarily for connecting with people you know as evidenced by the many times you wondered where a particular connection request came from and rejected it. And, except for a few LinkedIn stalwarts, the ones you do accept are usually “connect and forget.”

Twitter, on the other hand, is a fast-paced aisle where you get to meet and engage and learn and inform, and where you return to nurture relationships.

50 Lawyers You Should Be Following on Twitter
20 Legal Industry Twitter Accounts to Follow

3. It’s a public forum – Entire stories in traditional media outlets are based on Twitter conversations. Have you ever heard or read a news item about a LinkedIn exchange?

Of course this has downsides, like the cesspool of comments that come from anonymous accounts or bravado haters. But they’re easy to avoid. Just don’t follow them. Or if they bother you, block them. They will no longer appear in your feed.

The public engagement provides unprecedented exposure and allows you to build a network of people wanting to connect with you. It can even lead to speaking gigs.

If you’re looking for a job or to fill a position, or to validate a connection, use LinkedIn. It’s great for that. If you want to build professional relationships, start engaging on Twitter.

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After Being Attacked in Milan, Gigi Hadid Wants Women Everywhere to Know They Have the Right to Defend Themselves

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on Jul 17, 2016 at 1:10pm PDT

Last week, reporter Vitalii Sediuk, notorious for pulling bizarre, often violent, celebrity-baiting stunts, creeped out the world when he grabbed Gigi Hadid as she exited the Max Mara show during Milan Fashion Week.

Thanks to Gigi’s superior boxing skills, the slight model successfully fought off Sediuk, who’d grabbed her and picked her up against her will. “Who the fuck are you, you piece of shit?” Hadid yelled, chasing after him as he ran off to escape her expertly aimed elbow jabs.

As Lena Dunham wrote in today’s Lenny Letter, the paparazzi footage of the event “is equal measures upsetting and empowering. It is chilling to watch, in real time, the ownership a stranger seems to feel toward a body he considers public domain. But it’s also stirring: in one swift movement, without the aid of her bodyguards, Gigi makes it clear that she will not be made to feel like anyone’s property.”

Strangely, before Sediuk was identified as the attacker, certain media outlets were quick to criticize the way Hadid handled the situation, calling the man a “prankster” and accusing Hadid of “aggressively lashing out” against a “fan.” Gigi, who felt — and rightly so — that her behavior was 100 percent appropriate, took to Twitter to address the issue: “The actual fans that were there can tell you what happened,” she wrote. “I’m a human being and had every right to defend myself. How dare that idiot think he has the right to manhandle a complete stranger.”

Later that day, Sediuk attempted, via Instagram, to justify his manhandling the model. In an open letter, Gigi’s attacker reiterated the tired argument that Gigi and Kendall, while beautiful, are not worthy of the title of “supermodel,” have only made it in the industry due to their Instagram fame and connections and ought to learn a thing or two from real talents like Sasha Pivovarova and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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Start-Up Valuations: Are You Getting What You Paid for?

successStart-up companies can be excellent ways to enjoy a massive capital return if they succeed. The problem is that investing into” the next big thing” is tricky and in some cases, downright financially dangerous. Remember, that as the company has not yet floated, there can be many transparency issues. Although the managing directors may claim that their business is worth £10 million pounds, is this the truth or merely a sales tactic to attract crowdfunding firms and punters? This may be difficult to answer and it is critical that a realistic valuation of the company takes place. But how can this be achieved?

1. The Problem of Subjective Valuations

It only stands to reason that ANY firm looking to attract investors must portray itself in the most financially attractive right. Unfortunately, this can lead to valuations which are much more “optimistic” (to put it nicely) than they are realistic. Although this could be an accident, many companies tend to value themselves based on their projected gains as opposed to their current status. This is one of the main reasons why investors only receive an average of 12.4 per cent equity for what are very large sums of initial seed investment. For an untested company, such valuations can be dubious at best.

2. Looking at the Big Picture

Determining the potential value of a start-up company is as much of an art form as it is a science. In other words, there are no “sure things” with such a process. Still, it is always wise to look at other factors, which may affect the success (or the lack thereof) of the firm, into the future. Some major metrics to evaluate are:

  • The demand for the product or service that is being offered.
  • The current state of their niche sector or market.
  • The reality that the company will be able to raise enough capital, not just to start up, but for continued growth and success.
  • The desperation of the company to secure the necessary funds.

Having said this, it can be argued that the single most important determinant is the state of the market that the company intends to enter. However, we are not only referring to today’s condition. We must also take into account how today’s condition may impact the future.

3. Risk Versus Reward

The ultimate goal of anyone who becomes involved in a start-up is the ROI (return on investment). What level of return do you expect and will this outweigh the potential risks involved? What is the time frame that you hope these returns will be delivered in? If you hope to make a return of 50 per cent over the next two years and a company is currently valued at £5 million pounds, the firm will need to be sold for no less than £7.5 million pounds during this time period. This can be a tall order; particularly if the company is promoting a relatively unknown product or service.

4. The Power of Objective Valuations

Objective, realistic and transparent valuations are critical before making any type of financial commitment. Let us not forget that a sizeable portion of start-ups fail within the first few years. The only way to avoid being caught up in such an undesirable scenario is to do your due diligence from the very beginning and question valuations. A bit of research and foresight can go a long way.

Tim Aldiss writes for Shadow Foundr: don’t just follow the crowd, follow experienced investors.


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5 Copywriting Tools for Graphic Designers 2016

Graphic design provides visual communication and expression of concepts and ideas using graphic tools and elements. It incorporates copywriting tools as graphic design is employed in the process of writing advertising promotional materials. In graphic design, copywriters help create web page content, online ads and other online content related to the web in question. Image […]

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16 Unique Smoky Eyes That Go Beyond Basic Black

When we think about smoky eyes, we think of dark, sultry makeup in 50 shades of gray. Or perhaps variations of brown — but this is usually where things end. It’s time to open our minds and see the rainbow because any eyeshadow color can be used to create a gorgeous smoky eye.

If you’re a black smoky eye devotee, you don’t need to abandon the inky shade completely. You can incorporate it with other colored shadows. Once you get comfortable with things, you can try using multiple shades of one color or opt for a rainbow look by mixing multiple shadows.

While you’re experimenting, it is also time to think beyond your usual smoky eye shape. There are countless liner shapes and the same goes for smoky eyes. From long and angular to soft and blended, you can create infinite looks with the same shadows just by playing around with shape.

Are you ready to break out of your comfort zone? Grab your eyeshadow palettes and brushes and click through the gallery above of unique smoky eyes.

Images: Imaxtree

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