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Developing The Right Keyword Strategy For Your Law Firm Website

law firm keywords

When it comes to your website, focusing on the right keywords can mean the difference between success and failure. Keywords are the phrases (search terms) that consumers type into search engines, like Google and Bing, when they’re looking online for your services. If you’re not sure what your overall keyword focus is for your current website, there are some simple tools to help you identify and map out your most important terms, which can be incorporated into your search engine optimization strategy. 

When people are searching online for law firms, they’re entering search terms related to the services you provide and they are often very specific. For instance, someone in Miami, who is looking for a family law practitioner, will likely search for the term “miami divorce attorney” or “miami family law attorney”. These types of terms, with geographic specificity, should be a priority in your SEO planning. They often represent people close to the end stage of the buying process.

Another type of search term to consider optimizing for might be research terms. These terms may be a little more general, but they often represent people who are beginning to look into subjects related to your firm’s practice areas and you should consider optimizing for them as well. Terms in this category might include “south carolina divorce laws” or “new jersey child custody laws.” Imagine the power of a consumer searching for divorce laws in your state and encountering your firm’s article, optimized for the term and written in a way that is helpful for the reader and projects your expertise and knowledge.

There are some free and inexpensive keyword tools to help you get started. A good way to get an initial feel for what people are actually searching for is to let Google help by giving suggestions on related terms. Simply go to Google in your browser and begin typing a term related to your business. Google will help complete your thought by suggesting relevant terms. These are often the actual terms that people will select when they’re beginning their search.

law firm keywords

Another free tool that helps with keyword research is the Google Keyword Planner, which is located in Google’s AdWords platform. You will need to sign up for an AdWords account, which can be done at no charge. From the keyword planner, you can obtain useful information about what Google sees as some of the most appropriate keywords by entering your own website or one of your competitors.

law firm keywords

Finally, there are a host of inexpensive tools on the web that are designed to help you optimize your site for the best keywords. They include tools like SpyFu, KeywordSpy and

Selecting the best keyword strategy for your website is part art and part science. As you continue to expand your website, you’ll likely find it is one that will pay off in the long run, as you more closely align your site with consumer’s interests and actual research behavior online.

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Beauty Secrets: Surprising Places to Score Awesome Beauty Products

Shopping for beauty products is one of our favorite pastimes. From favorite spots like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom and even Target (hello, Beautycounter!), we’ve dialed it down to the best beauty stores to shop. And with Old Navy making headlines with its new private label Kindred Goods sold in store only (sorry!), chock-full of affordable body and haircare products, we thought it was only fitting to divulge other awesome beauty products found in unexpected retail stores.

Score prestigious items from Orlando Pita, Jenna Hipp and more at Costco (yes, Costco!), stock up on wallet-friendly beauty at H&M and Forever 21 and pick up international favorites at ASOS. We like to call it multitasking as you can shop for clothes or household items and beauty simultaneously. Check out our current favorite products of the moment and be sure to add these retailers to your bookmarks list ASAP.


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Why the New Google Posts Could Be a Content Marketing Game Changer

GoogleStill in its experimental stage, Google Posts is a new podium designed to increase small business brand awareness. Sounds great, right? As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase exposure, get the word out and make your company’s name known. But what is it about Google Posts and content marketing that makes it a game changer? Here’s what we know so far.

In Simple Terms…

In simple terms, Google posts allows verified organizations and representatives to post directly on Google. You’ll be able to communicate using text, videos and images and offer time sensitive information. Think of Google Posts as sort of a lightweight digital business card. It gives you the power to make fresh content available on the front page of a user’s search results. And the best part — posts will instantly appear. No more waiting for Google to index specific content. Each post will also be shareable on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter as well as other social networks.

What Makes Google Posts Special?

You’re probably wondering what makes Google Posts different from other platforms such as Google Plus. Google Plus provides small business exposure but with a somewhat scattered, haphazard end result. Broad search terms lead to even more broad search results that perhaps list a small business, but offer no inducement to click through.

“That’s where Google Posts seems to excel,” notes digital media specialist Matei Gavril of PrMediaOnline. “Your instant Google Posts content is ideal for calls-to-action and introducing new products.”

The end result? Your local business becomes the user’s destination rather than just a pass-through find. That’s exactly what every local business needs. And its what Google Plus doesn’t deliver.

New Podium – Different Content Marketing Style

Content marketing is part of every small business’s online strategy. The most effective content marketing up to now is what is called “evergreen” content. That means that the content information is long-lived and does not become outdated. Blog, how-to and general information articles are ideal types of evergreen content.

Google Posts takes the opposite approach. Are you having a flash sale? Create a Google Post. Introducing a new feature for selective clients? Create a Google Post. Google Posts are meant to be real-time events that show up instantly and are shared at once whenever someone searches for your company.

By Any Other Name…

We’ve talked a lot about Google Posts but it turns out Google Posts may not be called Google Posts at all. Other names tossed around include “Google Podium” and “Local Business Cards.” Whatever name the new platform ends up with, it could become one of the most effective tools in your content marketing arsenal.

Possibilities and Uncertainties

Google Posts has been in the experimental stages for months. U.S. presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been using it since March.

However, “the homepage for Posts on Google definitely implies a wider implementation of the platform,” writes Rebecca Sentance in a Search Engine Watch article earlier this year. “Based on what we’ve seen of Posts so far, Google’s new feature seems like a halfway house between a new social media outlet and a publishing platform.”

A limited number of small businesses have been using it as well. In August, Google expanded their “direct to search” beta tool to include more small businesses. If you’re interested in trying Google Posts out, you can join the Waitlist.

At this point, there’s a lot of conjecture about Google’s latest. Could real-time content become a monetized feature at some point similar to Facebook Boost? Will Google Posts replace Google Plus? Could it be the tool that finally gives local businesses a way to become the user’s final destination rather than a way to get somewhere else? Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

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5 Mistakes Explainer Video Companies Make & How To Avoid Them

Explainer videos are a killer way to get information out there. Getting all that awesome information out in an effective, colorful way is a wonderful method of increasing brand authority and gathering online traffic. However, a video that’s too long, fuzzy, or boring are pretty common mistakes. Here’s our least favorite errors and some of […]

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Is It Important For A Graphic Designer To Have A Proper Degree?

Graphic design is one of those few career choices that are based on the individual’s actual skills, rather than the name of the impressive school he/she went to. However, many employers will simply refuse to look at a resume, no matter how experienced, simply because of the lack of a proper degree. While it’s true […]

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[Webinar Wrap-Up] Turbocharge Your Legal Time and Billing

Imagine having total confidence in the amount of time you’re billing each month.

Check out this 30-minute demonstration of how to use legal practice management software – like Rocket Matter – to seamlessly and intuitively capture and bill all of your time.

Benefits of billing as you work

  • From Tasks and Calendar Events
  • Phone messages
  • Add Expense or Time
  • Use multiple timers, filling in the description of what you’re working on
  • Uploading documents, Notes, emails
  • Document creation from a template

Bill and Collect payments faster

  • Batch Billing
  • Client Portal
  • Email invoice sharing
  • Payment Processing
  • Robust Reporting: Productivity, Financial Health

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20 Puffer Jackets That Are Worth the Closet Space

Puffers at Balenciaga Fall 2016 (L) and Fendi Fall 2015 (R).

Puffers at Balenciaga Fall 2016 (left) and Fendi Fall 2015 (right); Images: Imaxtree

Many moons ago, Charles James patented the first fashion puffer jacket. “His white satin swan’s down evening jacket from 1938 is the prototype for every puffer jacket,” Vogue’s Hamish Bowles told the Chicago Tribune. Bowles, who saw the boudoir-inspired design on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, recalled thinking “how astonishingly modern it was.”

Modern indeed. Cut to 2016 and the style once sported in a utilitarian manner by idiosyncratic style icons like Eddie Bauer and Miranda Hobbes has been the dominant fall outwear trend for several years running. Helped along by Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Demna Gvasalia (of Balenciaga) and Kanye West, voluminous, multidimensional puffer jackets have successfully transitioned from après–ski wear to everyday wear.

Rihanna wears her sleeping bag-sized puffer jackets over silky, feminine pieces. She even wears them in the summer, when allowing the fabric to fall off her shoulders is as much a matter of survival as it is style. Her ex-bae Drake wears his as he waits for his hotline to bling. We wear them because, like the athleisure trend, they keep us cozy with the added benefit of making us look plugged in.

With winter just around the corner (we imagine), puffer jackets are already flying off the shelves as quickly as their heft and mass will allow. Needless to say, we’re getting in on the down-filled action. Click through the slideshow below for 20 of the best puffer jackets of the moment — some of them investment pieces, some of them very necessary (and affordable) fast-fashion knockoffs. And because we have to wait until the thick of February to see how Gvasalia recommends wearing the trend next (or whether he’s moved on entirely), we’ve offered up some fashion-forward styling tricks of our own.

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Looting Sprees: How to Protect Your Business After a Disaster

“disaster“As a responsible business owner, you have already invested and covered your business with small business insurance in preparation for the worst: be it theft, accident or natural disaster. You want to make sure your business’s security is top notch, because having good security doesn’t just protect your business, it protects you and your staff from unforeseen fiascos.

Crime and Punishment

When a natural disaster or civil unrest hits a community, criminals of the community’s underbelly turn up and take advantage of the situation, taking cover in the panic and chaos on the streets.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook make it easy for groups to plan, organize and orchestrate these looting sprees with swift action. By the time the police are able to arrive on the scene, the looters have already stolen the goods and are nowhere to be found. Unless they turn around and sell the items (these illegal sales can sometimes be traced back to the original thief) there’s a high chance you will not get your products or business equipment back. Instead, you’ll have to pay to have it replaced, costing you thousands of dollars in the process, and potentially bankrupting your company.

When you look online to learn how to protect yourself in a looting spree, you’re taken to some fairly strange and end-of-days type of sites, telling you to shoot at the looters or instigate martial law. These are extreme reactions. Shooting someone for stealing something from your business is not the protocol to follow. Find the steps to take to protect your business during and after a looting spree.

Invest in security cameras and a security system: If you know that a massive storm is going to sweep through your area and cause serious property damage, install all-weather security cameras and a security system. If a window is broken or there is movement in your establishment after hours, you and the police department will be contacted via your security company. A responding police officer will head over to your business to investigate the situation. If there is a thief or thieves to be apprehended, they will be caught, and your merchandise or equipment safe. A security system will offer you a better chance of the looter or looters getting caught in the process of the crime and will make other looters less likely to target your business.

Invest in a small business insurance package: Small business insurance, including general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and commercial auto insurance (among other policies) will cover the loss, damage or theft of your property, including the structure of the building, equipment and merchandise. Sites like Coverhound offer free general liability insurance quotes to help business owners make quick and easy price comparisons between small business insurance policies.

Taking Care of Business

Many small business owners believe they can’t get business insurance because it’s too expensive. When they set their budgets, they didn’t take into account the cost of insurance. Because of this, they believe they won’t be able to afford it. They can, and you can too. Ask yourself this: would you rather pay a few hundred dollars a year to protect your business in the event of a disaster, or would you rather pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to replace your merchandise and mechanical equipment? Did your original small business budget include the cost of replacing big-budget items? If not, your new business most likely does not have the funds for repairs or replacements.

Do you want to risk your business because you didn’t have the security system or insurance in place to protect your dreams? Disasters and looting can happen anywhere. Don’t be left empty handed.

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BK Calm Ahead of Talladega Elimination Race

Only two drivers are entering the Chase for the Sprint Cup Round of 12’s cutoff race at Talladega Superspeedway worry-free, and Brad Keselowski isn’t one of them. But despite his standing seven points outside of the eighth-place cutoff, the No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion driver might be more relaxed than the rest.

It’s a familiar situation for Brad. In 2014, he went to Talladega, where only a victory would send him to the next round, and he got exactly the clutch victory he needed. And earlier this year, he captured his fourth career win at the 2.66-mile Alabama superspeedway, giving him plenty of confidence going into this critical Hellmann’s 500.

“Talladega, the plate tracks have been very good to us this year,” he said. “I know that we’ll have another great car.”

2016 NASCAR Kansas

Long before this season, and well before his signature 2014 win, the fastest track in the world has been kind to BK. Kes claimed his first career Sprint Cup Series win at Dega in only his fifth start in 2009. His last-lap maneuver on Carl Edwards remains one of the most memorable moments in recent NASCAR history.

His second career triumph at Talladega came in 2012 as a much-needed momentum-building win on the road to his first Sprint Cup Series championship.

“What can I say? Talladega has been good to me,” Brad said. “Winning four times means a lot here. Talladega has been a track for us that’s been a great catalyst for success. I don’t know why that is. It’s a track where if you’re capable of winning here, I think you show a certain level of attitude and swagger that carries your way through the rest of the year.”

Two years after his Cup championship, his hopes for a second title were in grave danger. A disastrous Kansas race, marred by a blown tire, sent him to the unpredictable restrictor-plate event in need of a win. He made a last-lap pass of Ryan Newman to win and advance—if he would’ve finished second, he wouldn’t have had enough points to move on.

Obviously, Brad would love to replicate that performance, as well has his strong outings at both Talladega and Daytona this season. The most recent trip to a restrictor plate track, at Daytona in July, ended up in BK’s first win at the most prestigious track in NASCAR. BK dominated that event, spending 115 of the 161 laps in front of the field. He thought he’d be running the same machine he took to Victory Lane in Daytona, but his crew has another secret weapon waiting to be unleashed in Alabama.

“In fact, the car that we won Daytona with I saw it the other day,” Brad said. “It’s sitting in the back and completely torn down. The body and everything is still just like it finished at Daytona. I asked the guys, ‘Are we really gonna let that car sit? Are we not gonna run that at Talladega?’And they said, ‘No, we’ve got a car better than that for Talladega.’ So I feel really good about these three races and I’m looking forward to kicking them off and getting going. I get so anxious. I hate talking about it. I want to just go race it.”

Currently sitting 11th in points, and just seven markers outside of advancing to the third round, the 2 Crew isn’t in a must-win position as the famed ‘Big One’ can always wipe out the competition. Brad knows that he can’t get caught up in strategy or points, because one wrong move by one driver can change everything.

“Everybody enters Talladega with a strategy,” he says. “Then they drop the green.”

2016 NASCAR Kansas

Grid setting qualifying is set for Saturday, Oct. 22 at 4 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network, while the main event, the Hellmann’s 500, is set to go green on Sunday Oct. 23 at 2 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

Hemric Enters ‘Dega Outside the Cutoff

Brad Keselowski Racing’s Chase for the Camping World Truck Series Championship contender Daniel Hemric earned a runner-up result in the most recent race in Las Vegas, but a blown tire and severed brake line in New Hampshire put a damper on their hopes to advance to the Round of 6.

In his only Talladega Superspeedway start, the Kannapolis N.C. native wound up in 28th after a late race wreck wiped out a handful of drivers. Although, his performance at the sister track Daytona this February gives the team a shot of confidence, as does the presence of a third drafting partner, Austin Cindric in the No. 2 PIRTEK Ford.

“I’m looking forward to going to Talladega Superspeedway, and I know there’s a lot on the line for this No. 19 team,” Hemric said. “I think we learned a lot for our superspeedway package from the third truck we ran in Daytona with Austin Theriault, and hopefully that transfers over to myself, Tyler Reddick and Austin Cindric. Having an extra teammate to work with, especially given our current Chase points situation, definitely won’t hurt. We’ve got to utilize each other to maximize our day and show what we can do together. We have to unload with decent speed and follow the process of everything it takes to get to the front in a superspeedway race from the very first practice, both on the racetrack and on pit road. That’s the key to having a solid day.”


The third BKR entry piloted by the 18-year-old Cindric marks the first time he hits a speedway in a truck, and he hopes he can gain some valuable experience, while also helping to push Hemric into the Round of 6.

“It’s pretty cool to make my first restrictor plate start at Talladega,” Cindric said. “This weekend is no different than others I’ve done in the PIRTEK Ford F-150, because I need to be a sponge and absorb everything I can. We have to lean on Tyler and Daniel to understand what it takes to run up front. Obviously, the 19 team needs a win to break into the Chase and hopefully I’ll be able to help them get to the front. I just want a nice clean run and to have some fun with it as well. The best thing you can do is study, because it is such a big mental game between the spotter, driver and the competitors. I think that’s where you get the edge and I think that’s where I’m going to need to learn the most. Talladega will be a brand new ballgame. I need to make sure I stay out of trouble and make the right moves in the pack.”

Driver of the No. 29 Cooper Standard machine, Tyler Reddick has had the most Talladega success of the trio, finishing fourth and fifth in his two starts at the 2.66-mile facility. Coming off a victory in Sin City, Reddick knows he can still get it done on track, even outside of championship contention.

“Winning at Las Vegas was a huge momentum boost for our Cooper Standard team and everyone at Brad Keselowski Racing,” he said. “We’ve got five races left and we’re very good at all five tracks, so I have a lot of confidence going into each of them. Everyone at BKR does a great job preparing excellent Ford F-150 trucks at the plate races every year. I always get excited for the races at Daytona and Talladega, and it’s a shame that we don’t run four superspeedway races. Truck races are exciting at Talladega and something crazy will likely take place. Hopefully we can take advantage of those things when they happen and have a good weekend. The bottom lane works really well at Talladega, but if two or three trucks in the top lane get the outside lane rolling, you can still go to the front.”

Like their team owner Keselowski, BKR’s Hemric needs to win Talladega to be assured a spot in the next round. Tune into the Fred’s 250 on FOX, live at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, Oct. 21.

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[Webinar] 8 Security Strategies Your Mac-Based Practice Must Implement Today

Mac Law Firm Security

Are you running any antivirus and anti-malware software on your Macs?

What steps have you put into place to secure your firm’s data and protect your clients’ information?

If you’re like most Mac-based law firms, chances are you’re doing very little outside of just ‘using a Mac’ as your security strategy.

When: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 12:00 PM – 12:40 PM ET
Presenter: Tom Lambotte, GlobalMacIT

Join us as Tom Lambotte, an expert on using Macs in a law practice, shares why most Mac-Based law firms are far too lackadaisical towards security BECAUSE they are on Macs. Tom will first help you identify the security holes. Then he will share 8 security strategies you must implement ASAP to protect your firm.

Click here to register now!


Mac Law Firm SecurityTom Lambotte is CEO of GlobalMacIT, a company specializing in providing IT support to Mac-based law firms.

Tom is the author of “Hassle Free Mac IT Support for Law Firms” and “Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an IT Transformation.”

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